If one wants to go back into history then it means going back to 1445 to learn about the Olney Pancake race. This is a worldwide famous pancake race that takes place every year. It is held on a designated day each year which is Shrove Tuesday.

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The pancake race isĀ one that the Olney ladies have been carrying on for more than 550 years. While there are many different type of races that go on not only in the UK, but other parts of the world Olney really deserves the credit for making it such a well publicized event.

The rules are also different for this group compared to others. In order to participate in the Olney pancake race you have to be one of the house wives and young ladies of the town itself. This is one of those rare events where men are not allowed to participate. The rules state that they must be at least 18 years old and have been a resident of Olney for at least three months.

The race is comprised of a run of 415 yards that begins at the marketplace and then ends at the Parish church in Olney. Even the attire is dictated as to what can be worn which must be comprised of traditional housewife garb which is a skirt, an apron, and a kerchief.

While participating in the race the ladies are carrying a frying pan with a pancake in it and as they run along they must be flipping the pancake as they cross the finish line.

This race has grabbed such attention that it has become known throughout many parts of the world. In 1950, the ladies of Olney received a challenge from the ladies in Liberal Kansas.