With Pancake Day being such a worldwide event, it is understandable why there would be so many traditions formed around it. Of course the most well known is the Pancake Day race, but there are many other moments of celebrations that have formed over the years.

Rumor has it that thmeeting-tomorrow-history-of-pancake-daye first actual pancake recipe that ever appeared was one in an English cookbook in the 15th century.

Even then, the pancake easily fit into a frying pan, so traditionally sized ones are, really, “historically sized” pancakes! Speaking of dimensions, there have been some challenges as to who can make the biggest one. Statistics indicate that the largest ever made was 15.01 meters wide by 2.5 centimeters deep and weighed a whopping three tons. This spectacular event took place between 1984 and 1985 in greater Manchester, specifically in Rochdale.

France is also known to celebrate Pancake Day but the custom here is that that the cook must touch the handle of the frying pan while the pancake is being turned. During this time they are to make a wish while at the same time holding a coin in the other hand.

Newfoundland, Canada has also developed their own unique tradition. The cooks for the pancakes will place an item inside the pancake batter before it is cooked. Once it is cooked the people eating the pancakes will do so carefully looking for what is been hidden in the batter. It will be an item that pertains to some type of trade. If the boy eating the pancake has received one that has an item for trade in it, it means that he will eventually enter that trade. If it’s the girl that receives the item it means that she will eventually marry a young the fellow that will be in that particular trade.

While these are all unique and fun traditions to be enjoyed nothing replaces the actual enjoyment of eating the pancake itself!