Pancakes have become a widespread delicacy in many countries worldwide. They have different names, are used for different meals and purposes and are topped with different delicious toppings across different countries. Most likely nobody can ever say for sure when pancakes first came into existence although there are a lot of guesses. There are some that speculate that the Greeks and Romans ate a form of a pancake that perhaps was adorCtqgtFXW8AATtVnned with honey whereas other eras preferred their form of pancakes to have more of a savory flavor to it.

With some degree of accuracy one can look back to the traditional feast that is carried out on Shrove Tuesday or otherwise known as Pancake Day. This takes place the day before ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent which spans the 40 days before Easter takes place.

History states that, on Shrove Tuesday, the Christians were to be forgiven for their sins which was called shriven. In order to remind the people to come and repent a bell would be rung on this day. It became known as the pancake bell and even to this day it is still rung. The premise behind this is that because Lent was starting which encouraged fasting, that all the eggs the people had as well as their fat had to be used up. There was no better way to do this then to mix them together in a way to form a batter. This could then be fried in the frying pan. These were made very thin so as to cook through quickly and then where topped with various toppings.

According to history the ingredients that are used in pancakes hold a certain amount of significance. The eggs signifies creation, the flour which is the staff of life, the salt which stands for being wholesome and the milk for purity.

Even though history may be shaky in regards to actual facts there is no doubt that pancakes are certainly one of the most favored foods of many.